Elementary School Enrolment / Admission

The students are admitted to the corresponding classes according to their age and previous learning experiences. The parents must submit documentary evidence for the age of the children when filling in the enrolment form.

Seven Hills International School (SHIS) has a non-discriminatory enrolment policy that ensures the children’s access to the educational programmes of the school regardless of their gender, race, culture, religion, so long as there is a compatibility with the philosophy of the school.

The students can fill in enrolment forms throughout the entire academic year, within the limits of the available spots.

The admission process includes the following stages:

  • arrow_forwardAfter expressing their interest in getting more information about SHIS, the family is invited to visit the school.

  • arrow_forwardThe parents are invited to talk with the Headmaster.

  • arrow_forwardThe evaluation tests are scheduled for the candidate and his/her family, if necessary. Results are discussed with the candidate and his/her parents. If necessary, further interviews are scheduled.

  • arrow_forwardOnce a decision is reached regarding the admission of a candidate, the parents are informed accordingly and the secretary makes sure that all the necessary documents are filled in and included in the student’s file and that the learning agreements are signed and submitted to the parents.

  • arrow_forwardThe student is introduced to his/her classmates, and the parents are informed about the internal regulations.

Enrolment form

Student information
Grade for the academic year 2024-2025:
Parent information
Father (or male guardian):
Mother (or female guardian):